Attendance Guidelines


Regular and prompt attendance is the responsibility of both parent and student. Our goal is to provide your child with the best educational opportunities available. Regular attendance is essential to attain this goal. For this reason we strongly encourage parents to schedule medical/dental appointments and vacations when school is not in session. Each day of classroom instruction is important. Students need to inquire about missed assignments upon their return to school.


Student absences need to be reported to the school on a daily basis by a parent or guardian.You have 5 days to report an absence, otherwise it will be marked "unexcused". The number to report absences is: (858) 536-0136 ext. 3032 (This telephone number is available 24 hours to report absences.)

Please leave a brief message and give the following information:

  • Student's LAST NAME (Please SPELL the last name)

  • First name

  • Grade

  • Date of absence

  • Reason for absence or nature of illness


Students leaving school early for any reason must be issued a BLUESLIP from the Attendance Office. Parents MUST sign students out in the Attendance Office area.

The number to request a blue slip is: (858) 536-0136 ext. 3032

Please leave a brief message and give the following information:

  • Student's LAST NAME (Please SPELL the last name)

  • First name

  • Grade

  • Date and time the student will be picked up in the office

  • Reason for leaving school early


Any student who chooses to be out of class without permission, or leaves campus without permission is considered TRUANT. Truancy will affect grades and citizenship in classes missed.


School begins promptly at 7:30 a.m. All students arriving after 7:30 a.m. will need to sign in at the Attendance Office. EXCESSIVE tardies will affect citizenship grades.


Any student who wishes to enter or leave the room during the class period, or is performing a duty that takes him through the halls, must have a pass issued by a faculty or staff member.


The school qualifies for state funds when a student enters into a contract and completes the contract within the guidelines and timelines given. A contract does not guarantee passing grades. Grades will be determined by the supervising teacher for quantity and quality of work submitted by the due date. Parents must give the school adequate advance notice to prepare a contract-a minimum of 5 full school days. Contracts are only given to students that will be absent for 5 or more days.

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