Teacher Directory

MBHS 2022-2023 Teacher Directory

NAME TITLE/DEPT Extension Email
Aefsky, Justin Special Ed. 2084 [email protected]
Aguilar, Anabell Special Ed. 2242 [email protected]
Almada, Sarah Sp. Ed. - STARS 2098 [email protected]
Anderson, Gebel Social Studies 2016 [email protected]
ASB/Palacios/Littlefield Business/Buc Café 2398 ig: MB_Bucs
Auer, Kris Math 2013 [email protected]
Balestreri, Mariana English 2223 [email protected]
Balmat, JP Music 2113 [email protected]
Borg, Tracy IB Coordinator 2213 [email protected]
Boyce, Hayley English 2225 [email protected]
Brown, Eric Principal 3001 [email protected]
Campbell, Lyndsay Science 2243 [email protected]
Cannon, Alex CCTE 2154 [email protected]
Coelho Martin, Diane Visually Impaired 3000 [email protected]
Collins, Troy Special Ed. 2097 [email protected]
Corbin, Tony CCTE 2111 [email protected]
Craft, Krisanne Sp. Ed. - STARS 2093 [email protected]
Dong, May World Lang (Mandarian) 2227 [email protected]
Enyart, Jared Social Studies 2094 [email protected]
Escamilla, David World Language 2254 [email protected]
Fager, Gina Deaf/Hard of Hearing 3000 [email protected]
Farrar, Greg P.E. 3083 [email protected]
Filamor, Lauren Dean of Students 3036 [email protected]
Fitch, Ann Opportunity Success 2098 [email protected]
Griffin, Issac Special Ed. 2083 [email protected]
Gutierrez, Angelina P.E. 3098 [email protected]
Henehan, Jen (Substitute) P.E. 3098 [email protected]
Henkes, Heather Art 2232 [email protected]
Herschman, Ken Math 2234 [email protected]
Hurd, Maryanne Adaptive PE 3000 [email protected]
Jacoway, Echo Science 2255 [email protected]
Jaffe, Adam CCTE 2333 [email protected]
Jun, Kathy Science 2244 [email protected]
Karoczkai, Caroline Head Counselor (A-Go) 3037 [email protected]
Keast, John English 2012 [email protected]
Knapp, Jennifer Math 2233 [email protected]
Kreamer, Paul English 2015 [email protected]
Lancia, Ron English/Yearbook 2342 [email protected]
Landau, Nella Counselor (P-Z) 3039 [email protected]
Leszynski, Erin Vice Principal A - K  3002 [email protected] 
Lewis, Graceann Special Ed. (.08) 3043 [email protected]
Lewis, Penny AVID 2082 [email protected]
Littlefield, Lynsey Special Ed./ASB 2332 [email protected]
Lopez Santillanes, Arely World Language 2081 [email protected]
Mann, Micah CCTE 2153 [email protected]
Martinez, Francisco Math 2241 [email protected]
Matteson, Stacy Special Ed. 2263 [email protected]
Miller, Chad English 3095 [email protected]
Morales, Linda (Substitute) Site Substitute (Long Term) 3000 [email protected]
Moura, Gualter Math 2018 [email protected]
Nellis, Heather Social Studies 2252 [email protected]
Niedzwiecki-Preston, Christine Social Studies / Psychology 2214 [email protected]
OPEN Sp. Ed. - STARS (English) 2095
OPEN Sp. Ed. - STARS (Social Studies) 2017
Page, Lian Science 3096 [email protected]
Pahr, Cindy Physical/Health Impairment 3000 [email protected]
Palacios, Jorge ASB / Athletic Director 2272 [email protected]
Panian, Joe Social Studies 2011 [email protected]
Panian, Kari Social Studies 2215 [email protected]
Parrish, Diane Art 2261 [email protected]
Plummer, Garrett English 2265 [email protected]
Ramos, Maria World Language 2226 [email protected]
Rinaldo, Emily Speech /Language Pathologist 2091 [email protected]
Romero, Jaime Psychologist 2089 [email protected]
Romero, Melissa English 2231 [email protected]
Salehi, Kristen Counselor (Gr - O) 3038 [email protected]
Sanchez, Alberto World Language 2253 [email protected]
Sardina, Emily Science 3094 [email protected]
Sheehy, Nathan English 2014 [email protected]
Smith, Wendy World Language 2090 [email protected]
Sokil, Gregory Sp. Ed. - STARS Counselor 2092 [email protected] 
Tavares, April Science 3092 [email protected] 
Turner, Vicki Special Ed. 2096 [email protected]
Vadnais, Linda Math 2228 [email protected]
West, Allison Vice Principal L - Z  3003 [email protected] 
Woods, Cherie Special Ed. 2096 [email protected]





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